Various – Synthematika One (review @ Brutal Resonance)

Label: Synthematik | Format: Digital | Date: 25.12.2009 | Style: Synthpop / EBM / Aggrotech / Industrial

Various - SYNTHEMATIKA ONE (2009): Synthpop / EBM / Aggrotech / Industrial

Rating: 7 / 10

Synthematika One is a free compilation album released by the Russian net label Synthematik. This various list of artists is mostly from Russia, Belrus and Ukraine, but also features artists from Sweden, USA, Netherlands, Austria and many more. We got a lot of vocals with great accents, but most of all, we are presented with a great span of synthpop, futurepop EBM and industrial.

The first part of the album is mainly the synthpop tracks and completely opposite to what I use to think, this is my favourite part of the album. Great, well written tracks and I have found myself humming on many of them even when I do not listen to the album. Some artists worth to mention are Alpha Point from Moldavia, Systema Synthetica from UK/Netherlands and Swedish Ecstatic Mood.

We also have a kind of big section of EBM/aggrotech/industrial bands and I feel that that part is overall not able to keep as great standard as the synthpop part does. However, there are a few highlights like Swedish Project Rotten and my favourite track on the compilation, American Cystem Cex’s track “Homicide” that have an amazing flow and go in their danceable industrial tune.

This is overall a surprisingly well done compilation, and the most awesome part is that it is for free! Download it and see what you think for yourself.

by Patrik Lindström

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